Rates are provided for information and as a general guideline. To obtain a quote, please use the link below or use our contact page. We have a “NO SURPRISE POLICY”


Our Rates:
  • From EUR 85.00/ Hour (Lead or participant role)
  • For locations which are considered High Risk – Rates to be discussed
  • We also offer Day rates/ Lump Sum Price – All inclusive and no surprises
  • First time clients will receive a 10% discount (Travel/ accommodation and per diem is excluded)
  • Travel and accommodation – According to client policy or agreed rates
  • Per diem – According to Client policy or 50 EUR per day


General terms:
    • Invoices in EUR or USD, unless otherwise agreed.
    • VAT exempt
    • Day rates are based on < 5 Hours = ½ day, >5 hrs = 1 Day


Work performed on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS)/ Norway
      • Work performed in Norway can be offered/ managed through JV AUDIT AS (NO ORG 917 339 112 MVA) in NOK + VAT
      • JVAUDIT AS is a subsidiary of TJAVR Consulting Ltd.

The key factors impacting on a total audit cost are; License Risk Level, Monetary Scope Size, Location and the Audit Level to be considered. To estimate Resource and Budget requirements for an audit, feel free to use our JV AUDIT – RISK, RESOURCE & BUDGET ESTIMATION TOOL.