Welcome to the Risk, Resource and Budget Estimation tool.

This model was developed to provide users with a quick method to estimate Resource requirements and Budget for a JV Audit based on 3 key parameters; RISK LEVEL, AUDIT SCOPE (USD), and the AUDIT LEVEL to be performed. Here is some information related to the basis for the Results presented.
The Resource takes into consideration the following; 1.) The Audit Level – The more detailed, the more resources and/ or time is required 2.) The Risk Level of the License/Asset – The lower the risk, the less time and resources is required.

The budget takes into consideration the following; 1.) Audit period incl. Preperation and Closing time before/after Fieldwork period, 2.) Travel and Accommodation expenses and 3.) Number of recommended resources.
Please Note that the budget graph may seem “strange” but please see the x-axis label which indicates weeks/ auditors combination. The estimated budget is reflecting this combination and correlates with the Blue Resource line and respective Weeks in the Resource graph.

Now it is time to use the model, once you have inputted the requested information, hit the SHOW RESULT button and voila…….. Use the Advanced Version for a more detailed Risk Assessment of the license/ asset. We hope you find this tool helpful and we would appreciate any feedback you may have, both to the results shown and the parameters used.

Please note that the results do not reflect TJAVR Consulting Ltd. own rates nor estimated time and resource requirements. Please use the Request A Quote Form (See Rate Page) or contact us, so that we can provide you with a quote based on your requirements. The model presented here is a “light” version of the RISK, RESOURCE & BUDGET ESTIMATION TOOL, used by TJAVR Consulting Ltd.

Tip: A medium Risk Level – In this situation, a partner is generally comfortable
with the operator, the financial controls and the operation as a whole.