What we do

Provide professional Joint Venture / Internal Audit and Consulting services to the Oil and Gas industry, world wide.

  • Joint Venture Audit
  • Overhead/ Logistic or Multiventure Audit
  • Contract/ Vendor Review
  • Incoming Audit Preparation – Protection Audit
  • Transaction Data Analysis (JADE – Joint Audit Data Exchange)
What’s in it for you
  • You will be comfortable and confident that we will represent you and your interests
  • You will be provided with an auditor or an audit team, with strong analytical skills and in depth knowledge of the industry
  • Our work is performed with Integrity, Respect and Courtesy
  • Our auditors perform their work in an Ethical, Transparent and Professional manner
  • We adhere to local and international audit procedures and practices used in the oil and gas industry
  • You will receive high quality work and results